This is a game-changer for the legal industry

Digital Process Servers

Get documents served across Australia from a single platform.
Add multiple jobs for multiple locations and track in one place.

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What normally takes days can now be done in minutes

Professional Process Servers

Busy law firms save up to 90% of their time by using Digital Process Servers.
Documents are processed quickly and can be served with 24 hours.

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Process Servers at your finger-tips

Process Servers near you

Be connected directly to Process Servers that are dedicated to high-quality service.
The platform streamlines and supports the legal process.

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The Easy way to Serve Documents Across Australia – Served in 24 hours

Digital Process Servers is an online service that matches law firms and legal representatives with process servers all around Australia.

We have developed an amazing platform that not only makes it easy to find a process server suited to your location and requirements, but to generate online quotes in an instant and have one easy-to-use platform for all your process server requirements.

Standard Client
Pre-billing Plan

  • Limited to 1 user
  • The best option for small law firms and the public.
  • Access the services on a casual basis.
  • Pay the invoice immediately by credit card.
  • Communal Giving Impacts.
  • Free version.

Impact Client
Enterprise Plan

  • Introductory offer
  • 2 months fee access to dashboard
  • Up to 12 users
  • The best option for firms with multiple users.
  • Priority customer support
  • Require a formal arrangement for their business.
  • Excellent payment terms of 30 days.
  • Setup multiple users on the system under one account.
  • Super admin can track and manage all users.
  • Individualised Giving Story for your company.
  • Ability to share giving impacts with your clients from your dashboard.

Every document served changes the lives of people in need.

Every time we do business together something amazing happens in the world.

On your behalf for every document served, we will donate to a charity that is aligned with the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals.

Helping drive our client's success in legal process serving matters


Ensuring legal documents are served on time and correctly is an essential part of the legal process, therefore we have created a Process Serving Management Platform designed to generate instant quotes for documents that need to be served.

Lodge, track and access your legal documents from one easy-to-use platform that gives you access to process servers all around Australia. This platform has been built by experienced Process Servers who have worked on the ground for over 17 years to provide you with the ability to oversee and control your jobs.

We connect you to the right Digital Process Server who will serve your legal documents.

Digital Process Servers

Our focus is on Process Serving legal documents for Law Firms, Finance Companies and the General Public. We cover all courts across Australia and New Zealand. We also serve Global documents on application. We connect you to the closest Process Server to the address for service, making it fast and efficient.

Five benefits of using Digital Process Servers

  1. Save up to 70% of your time sourcing and arranging a process server.
  2. Instant online quoting via one dashboard with Smart Digital Quote.
  3. Your files are in one place for you to see what action is taking place.
  4. Be invoiced by one company for all process serves and pay monthly.
  5. Invoices can be forwarded to your client for instant payment if required.

Cities We Service

Our process servers cover all major Australian cities including Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart.

Fast Setup

Easy to set up and easy to use. There are two ways to get started if you want a price you can use the Smart Digital Quote or you can register as a client.

Direct Connection

We link you directly to the Process Server on the ground doing the service. No middle man, you can speak directly to your Process Server.

Compliant Process Servers

Our Process Servers are independent contractors and must reach certain standards to become a Digital Process Server, we guarantee they are compliant.

Smart Digital Quote

Our Smart Digital Quote streamlines the process of getting prices, accessing the Process Server and expediting serving your legal documents.

Local Knowledge

We find the closest Process Server to the address for service through our Smart Digital Quote, this means you benefit from their local knowledge.

Digital & Cyber Secure

Digital Process Servers are dedicated to protecting clients and customers data and we have gone above and beyond to ensure the safety of your information.

We create value for clients by offering an efficient process to organise the service of legal documents. We ensure fast and effective access to a range of options to serve legal documents. We help you gain additional time for more important projects.

Giving Impacts

Every document served changes the lives of people in need.

"I want my team to be proud of the impacts they are making on their clients, customers and those in need."

Nichola Caddy
Director Australe Digital


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