Lindsey & Nichola Caddy - Directors

We have been working in the industry since 2004 and in that time have gained vast experience and knowledge, we love being part of this industry and can see so much potential for its future.

Sadly, we have also been frustrated by unnecessarily inefficient practices that occur, such as the many layers client files may be handed to before it gets to the person who will serve them.

Our goal is to streamline process serving by linking the documents to the closest process server to the address for service.

We are proud of the professionalism of our fellow process servers who actually do the serving and want to give them the opportunity to shine through our platform.

My Vision By Nichola Caddy

My vision for our clients is to be able to take away the stress of arranging service of legal documents and to give them back valuable time to work on important projects, or to spend time with their families.

As the developer of Digital Process Servers, I want to be able to impact the lives of my clients by creating efficiencies in their businesses by providing them with a professional service.

I am obligated to follow through on my vision, because I know I can make a huge difference in the lives of our clients and our process servers.

From talking to our solicitor clients that they are always under the pump to meet deadlines and client expectations. If my team can help to give them back even the smallest amount of time, we have achieved something very important for them.

I am grateful to be able to work on such an important project that I know will make a huge difference to so many people. The success of my company looks like thousands of individual impacts on clients’ process servers’ and stakeholders’ lives.

Our team is anticipating a massive amount of growth and change for many people in this space. This is pushing me past my limiting self-beliefs to a new level of awareness for our clients and the industry.

I truly want to help people be successful in their businesses and to give back to them by creating a platform for them to grow their wealth.

The support I have from my team and the inspiration they show towards my vision for Digital Process Servers drives us all.

I see collaboration between all stakeholders and the opportunity to build a community that supports each other.

Become a Business For Good Through Social Entrepreneurship

I want to step up to be a better person to have a purpose outside myself that will help others by joining a movement that is impacting many people's lives. I want my company to be able to help those in need and show up as an example to others that we are a business for good.

I want my team to be proud of the impacts they are making on their clients, customers and those in need.

Our team follows the process through to the very end.
We go the extra mile to ensure everyone has a positive experience.

Our Mission

Is to help drive our client's success through continually developing efficiencies both digitally and physically in serving legal documents.

Our Values

Education; learning and developing ways improve our service. Achievement; going the extra mile to help our clients. Growth; finding ways to improve our technology that impacts our clients.

Our Solution

To provide clients with a digital platform for process serving that connects them directly to the closest process server to the address for service and to serve the documents on time and correctly.


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