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We are here to support the legal industry and the people involved, we know and understand how much work goes into preparing a case. Our law clients are also busy people in general and usually juggle many roles in their lives. 

Our goal is to simplify process serving for our clients as it is a super important part of every case because it is how the person being pursued learns this fact. Making it important not to get this wrong.

How it works

We connect you to the closest process server to the address of the person being served, there are many benefits to this in terms of the environment, the impact it has on our Process Server's lives and their local knowledge. Read our blog on Net zero and the legal industry.

Instant quoting

We give you an instant quote and a choice of prices based on time frames. 

The dashboard

You control all your cases on one dashboard, this saves time and allows you to follow where each case is being served.

Variety of payment methods

We give you an option to pay by credit card, 14-day account or you can pass the invoice on to your client for payment via a link. Please read our blog on Online security

Shared notes

We give you a platform to communicate with your process server through the shared notes to streamline the process and create efficiencies.

Licenced process servers

We ensure each process server has the necessary licence and insurance for their state to be able to perform the duties of a process server. All servers must have professional indemnity insurance.

Fast set-up

Registration is quick and easy, once you have entered your company details, you can enter your first serve straight away.

Social impact

Every time you have someone served, we balance this by giving to a worthy cause on your behalf. Don't forget to choose a charity on registration. Please read our blog on Paying it forward through giving stories

Backed by the power of Google Maps

Digital Process Servers' aim is to link you directly to local agents through one hub by bringing together a national collective of experienced Process Servers to streamline our ability to service the legal industry.

We have systematically nutted out in detail a seemingly simple quoting process that is backed by the power of Google Maps. 

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